Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT) and NEIEP Practice Tests

Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT) Preparation

Once you submit your application and you meet the minimum application requirements you will be be given your testing information. It is extremely important that you prepare in advance for this test because if you don’t get at least a 70% you will not pass on to the interview. Your grade on the test will factor into your overall ranking. Employers will try to recruit those with a high ranking first. You can practice for this test using this recommended Elevator Industry Aptitude Test practice pack. Let’s learn some more about the exam.

What Is on the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test?

All applicants who submit their application within the allotted time will be given a test designed to test your reading, math skills and aptitude for employment in the elevator industry. The tests covers these three primary areas:

Reading Comprehension

This section will require the candidate to display their English word understanding, sentence comprehension and reading comprehension skills.

Mechanical Comprehension

This section will cover basic mechanical concepts related to the job.

Arithmetic Computation

This section will require applicants to use basic math skills (or numerical reasoning) and may require understanding of common math formulas.

Start practicing the Elevator Aptitude Test also know as the EIAT Aptitude Test.

It is important to note that the test differs in the U.S and Canada (Alberta).

What Do I Need to Take with Me to the Test?

When you are scheduled to take the test the day and time cannot be changed and you will be required to present a picture ID in order to sit for the exam.

How Do I Find out If I Passed My NEIEP Aptitude Test?

You will be be sent a notification whether you passed or failed the test through the CIMS system from the Area Coordinator. If you passed the test you will be invited for an interview.

How Is the NEIEP Aptitude Test Scored?

A passing score on the EIAT is a 70%. That is the minimum grade you need to get in order to continue with the process.

What Happens If I Fail the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT)?

If you fail the EIAT, you won’t pass on to the interview portion of the application process. You will immediately be removed from the pool of applicants. But, you may re-apply during the next recruitment period.

What Are Some Test Tips for the NEIEP Aptitude Test?

  1. There is no penalty for answering a questions incorrectly. This means it is beneficial to guess.
  2. Passing is not enough. It is important to do well on the exam because you will receive a ranking based on your test score and interview score. Employers will look to higher those with a higher ranking.
  3. Make sure to practice in advance because YOUR SCORE COUNTS.

What Is on the Tools Assessment?

For this test you should have basic knowledge of basic tools and their use, as well as basic measuring skills. The tools vary from Phillips screwdriver, lineman’s pliers, diagonal cutters, crimpers, to tape measure. Ensure you practice reading measuring tape before the test. Take a look at this helpful free guide on how to read a measuring tape.

Brush up on your tool knowledge with this tool assessment test elevator study guide.

When Do You Take the Tools Assessment?

Expect to take the tools assessment only after you pass the EIAT.

Learn more about the next step the elevator industry interview with these NEIEP interview questions and answers.

How Can I Prepare for the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test?

We recommend using this NEIP Elevator Industry Aptitude test practice pack. The pack includes practice for English comprehension with questions and detailed explanations. As well as Math practice questions and study guides. This is quite helpful for those who need a review on how to answer arithmetic and problem solving questions. Practice questions for mechanical aptitude and study guides. This is an area that they don’t teach in schools. Lastly a tools and measurement test. This is helpful for knowing what to expect on the tools assessment. Here is what’s included in the NEIEP Aptitude Test Preparation:

  • 9 mechanical reasoning tests
  • 7 numerical reasoning tests
  • 6 sentence completion tests
  • 3 tools and measures drills
  • 4 study guides for both numerical and mechanical reasoning

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